Video Editing

We win awards doing this stuff.

Whether you are putting together a short film, a sizzle reel for your new product, a training film for your staff, a TV commercial or a documentary, we log, tag, cut and color correct your footage to professional standards. Hey, you might even win an award too!


Editing short form video is our specialty. We give it that zip and flow that is a Dizzy trademark. Watch this trailer for the Houston HueFest 2018 featuring world famous graffiti artists.

sizzle reels

Sizzle reels are a great way to promote your new service or channel. We did this one for the launch of ALTV-Alkimi cable network and even won a Silver Communicators  Award for editing.

Animation & Design

We can do traditional animation, stop frame, computer generated or even chalk board animations like this one for the Teachers Federation of Australia.

Motion Design & color correction

We can make logos, animated graphics & motion design. With color correction add depth, warmth and tone to your video. Enhance the mood of a shot, alter the hue, contrast and luminance in a subtle way. We give your video that professional polish and guarantee that it meets all 'legal' broadcast standards. 

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