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Reclaim those priceless memories.

Do you have old film reels or vhs tapes sitting around that you would really love to be able to watch? Maybe you found a treasure trove in your Grandparent's attic but you just don't know how to view them? Don't worry, you don't need to go on Ebay and look for obsolete machines to play them back, we can transfer that priceless old footage for you.  We will take any film or tape format and transfer it to a digital file so you can watch it on your laptop, phone or smart TV.  You can even share it with friends and family online.  Just think of the joy of looking back in time and reliving all those priceless memories. video transfer film transfer

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From this...


8mm, Super 8, 16mm, slides, negatives, vhs tapes, video 8, DV, etc...

To this.


Great HD movies you can watch and share on all your digital devices.

Much more affordable than you might think!

Current Price List *2019

*** Music added to silent footage is additional. **Depending on the condition of your original media a small surcharge will be applied if we need to clean or splice. *copyrighted material such as hollywood movies cannot be transfered. - Taxes apply.

Watch this 8mm transfer from 1963.

Amazing 55 year old footage. Carefully restored and transfered to digital. 

Bring those priceless memories back to life with Space City Sprockets™.

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