Award Winning Video Post-Production Services

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Video Editing & Post


  • Multi-camera TV Show or Corporate Video
  • Logging & Tagging
  • Format Wrangling
  • Cross-Platform Delivery
  • Audio Design

Motion Graphics & Color Correction


  • Award Winning Creative Design
  • Titles & Packaging
  • Flying Logos
  • TV Channel Launch & Rebrand
  • Color Correction

Film & Video Transfers


  • Super 8 & 8mm
  • VHS Tape
  • Hi-8
  • Professional Formats
  • Slides & Negs
  • Audio Cassettes

We help you tell your story.



We provide world class video post-production services to commercial, corporate and broadcast clients. With over 25 years in the industry we can help you get quality results.



Whether you need a broadcast TV commercial or a company sizzle reel, a corporate video to put on your website, an internal training video for your staff,  we can script it, shoot it, edit it and deliver it to you in the correct format.



Mp4s on a usb drive, H.264 on a website, live TV, YouTube, Twitch streaming, 2K, 4K, interlaced, progressive, video wall, mobile, stadium graphics, music videos... yes, we can deliver that.



You tell us what you need (don't worry if you don't know exactly, we can help you narrow it down). You give us your timetable and budget. We tell you how we can help you get what you want. You have input every step of the way with daily updates. Our payment process is easy and streamlined. We accept online payments thru Paypal and any other credit card.



When you hire us for Video Editing a Purchase Order is generated. We require 50% up front. That is to cover all equipment, travel and incidentals (including insurance if needed). **There is a 'kill fee' provision, that is a pro-rated fee based on the amount of work delivered in case the job needs to be terminated for whatever reason.



Can I get it fast / excellent / cheap?

The answer: you can only choose two of these options.

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My nephew can edit video so why should I hire Dizzy ™ ?

Today it seems everyone knows someone who claims to be a video editor. How hard can it be? After all your nephew has a YouTube channel and edits all his own work, right? Sure and that's great by the way. But ask your nephew if he can tell you what's the difference between 30, 60 & 29.97 fps? Or what's a generic split-track, or why do some TV stations still broadcast in 480i (and what does the 'i' mean anyway?) Does he know how to edit a multi-cam shoot, or adequately prepare the time-code generator - oh, wait, what's a time code generator? What does he use to color correct with and did he clear the copyright for that Deadmau5 song he's using?

Well, if he knows the answers to these questions tell him we want to hire him, if not you probably should hire us. 

SMPTE, AAC, IRE, Pro-res, 4444, 442, pedestal, chroma, luma, loudness, compression, 44k, 48k, 96k, these are the things that separate the professionals from the rest.

When you need to avoid the pitfalls of sub-par work and want to put your best foot forward, hire award winning professionals. Besides, we're nice people!

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